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Cleaning services

Residential Plans

From $69.00 to $499.00

Cleaning services

Emergency cleaning

From $150.00 to $600.00

Cleaning services

Deep Cleaning Services

From $99.00 to $199.00


Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s simple. You need a cleaning service that works for your needs, your schedule, and your space – no matter how unconventional. Your cleaners would be reliable and consistent and produce a healthy environment, happy employees, and impressed clients.

For Companies and Houses.

Installation of Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in your home and  business reduces the risks of being victims to burglary tremendously. Surveillance systems scare off criminals very effectively. Protect your profits and reduce theft. A business video security system you install will give you and your customers peace of mind.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing of Carpets

We provides professional mattress steam cleaning services. quote for bed cleaning and dust mite removal services. Our Mattress Cleaners are fully accreditation, certified and trained.

Installation and Repair of Electrical Systems

Your business depends on electricity to function, thrive, and grow. With our reputation for premium quality electrical contracting services, We has acquired numerous commercial accounts as direct referrals from other business owners. Business owners demand reliable, affordable, and precise electrical services

Pressure Washing of Floors

A garden hose, soap, and elbow grease can take care of many a cleanup job—if you want to spend all day on it. But if you have better things to do, a pressure washer speeds up all sorts of onerous tasks, from scrubbing grime and mildew from siding and getting oil stains off a driveway to cleaning a deck or patio, sprucing up outdoor furniture, degreasing a grill.

Application of Paints. In Companies and Home

We don’t just WOW our residential customers. We offer commercial painting services too! No matter what the size of your commercial painting job—whether it’s a single room or an entire office building— will complete your project on time, and on budget, without totally disrupting your workday. Ready to see how we’ll WOW your business?

Shutters Installation

Don’t wait for the cyclonic season to start and proctect your home! With the installation of window shutters for your residence, you keep yourself and your loved ones safe.